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Below is an Interactive Board sampler. A fuller listing is found in the "Stories" menu above.

4/14 Interactive Board: Codependent Partners

3/23 Interactive Board: He's Changing... I'm Not...

3/1 Interactive Board: D/s Lifestyle

1/14 Interactive Board: My Purrrfect Husband

12/12 Interactive Board: What if He Could Have Changed?

10/23 Interactive Board: Quandary Revisited

8/24 Interactive Board: Quandary! What's Going On?

7/20: Dr. Irene on cognitive behavior therapy and mindfulness

6/12 Interactive Board: Unintentional Abuse

11/7 Interactive Board: Is This Abusive?

12/29 Interactive Board: There Goes the Wife...

11/4 Interactive Board: A New Me!

10/8 Interactive Board: Seeming Impossibility

9/8 Interactive Board: My Ex MisTreats Our Son

5/1 Interactive Board: I feel Dead - Towards Him

4/26 Interactive Board: Why is This So Hard?

4/19 Interactive Board: I Lost My Love...

4/7 Interactive Board: Too Guilty!

The Abuser Pages

Self-pity gets you nowhere. One must have the adventurous daring to accept
oneself as a bundle of possibilities and undertake the most interesting game
in the world -- making the most of one's best. -Harry Emerson Fosdick

"It's Your Job To Care For Me!" Learn how the angry, controlling person thinks...and how to start fixing it! These topics are must reads for victims as well as abusers!

The Abuser
The Angry Person's Codependence
The Easy Stuff
Taking Control
Calling All Controllers
Confessions of a Professional Abuser
Turning Point
Turning Point Replies
A Message To All Abusers
The Abuser is the Victim?
Dr. Irene's Abuser's Check List
The Controlling Caregiver
A Recovering Abuser Speaks
Do I Have To Become Buddah?
Advanced Abuser Recovery: Bumps along The Way
The Narcissist's Partner
Narcissism, Sex & Fidelity
The Extramarital Narcissist
Mourning The Narcissist
Narcissists, Love & Healing
Narcissists & Women
Surviving the Narcissist
Abandoning the Narcissist
Narcissist, the Abuser
Living with a Narcissist
The Narcissist & His Family
Narcissists & Violence
Should I Wait?
Divorcing the Narcissist
M Vs. F Narcissists
The Female Narcissist
Narcissist At Work
Love A Narcissistic Woman?
Diagnostic criteria for Antisocial Personality
Diagnostic Criteria for Borderline Personality
Why A Woman Authors Abuser's Page...
Quick Guide to the Abuser's Treatment
Cycle Theory (Men & The Anger Within)
Tex's List For Abusive Guys>
I'll Never Be Happy
How To Be Unhappy
How-To-Be-Angry Affirmations
Traumas as Social Interactions
Psychology of Torture
Psychology of Serial Killers
How to Spot an Abuser on Your First Date
The Cyber Narcissist
Narcissism, Substance Abuse & Reckless Behaviors>

Material posted here is intended for educational purposes only, and
must not be considered a substitute for informed advice from
your own health care provider.