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Passive-Aggressive and Codependent

January 11, 2000

Dear Dr. Irene,

Having browsed your GREAT site for a month or two, I just want to say it is very good. I do appreciate what you are doing for men and women in bad relationships.

Me....I'm fine. No abuse, physical or otherwise from my husband of 20+ years.  If anything I am the world's best co-dependent.

Have come to think my mother, with whom we live with to help care for her, was very VERY controlling and verbally/emotionally abusive to my two younger sisters and myself.  I am the most compliant...the most passive-aggressive.

It's hard to say what exactly is going on...not much really. I am a professional, little league coach, Sunday school teacher, youth group leader, with 5 teenagers at home, and with a husband almost done with a new degree.

I used to write poetry,  and FEEL STUFF. Now I feel nothing. or like I want to escape from ALL OF THEM.  And they aren't BAD to me.

I like/liked a book called "Too Good for Her own Good."  It looks at codependence from a bit of a different slant.

Some of us aren't really abused. we are just unhappy and can't really tell why.  Wish I knew.

Thanks anyway. Me

Dear Me,

This is not very hard: Passive aggressive, not feeling stuff, wanting to get away from all of them. 

I think you are very angry and don't want to deal with it. 


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