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8/14 Interactive Board: Accepting Reality - Or Not

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7/20: Dr. Irene on cognitive behavior therapy and mindfulness

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4/7 Interactive Board: Too Guilty!



More Interactive Abuse Email (#31-60)

"I don't wait for moods. You accomplish nothing if you do 
that. Your mind must know that it has to get down to earth." -Pearl Buck

After Divorce: Am I On Track? Choosing A Therapist & Emotions An Angry Person's Pain B's Board:Working The Marriage The Angry People In My Life I've Been Reading Your Site... Sold Out for Clean Cat Boxes Chilling Common-Law Husband The High Road To Recovery She Needs A Reality Check Responding To I Abused The Man I Love But, What About My Son? Which One is the Abuser? Should I Stand Up to My Abuser She Betrayed My Heart Look What Happens When You Let Go Jealous Wife Soooo Guilty I Am Victim, Abuser, Codependent... I Want To End 4 Generations of Abuse So Hard To Give Him Space Female With Control Issues My Difficult Wife Abusive Guy Wants Help Rhoda's Update: Advanced Victim Recovery Is He An Abuser? A Message From Dan Letting Go is Tough Self-Proclaimed Sociopath: I Don't Get It... Am I an Abusive, Controlling Husband?

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