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Mr. Furious left the gun safe unlocked today

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#1 library_lady



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Posted 30 June 2012 - 11:39 PM

Thank God I discovered it before my six-year-old did. Mr. Furious left to go to the hardware store while we were in the pool. I sent my son inside to dry off while I cleaned things up around the pool. I came inside, noticed the door to the closet containing the gun safe was ajar and checked the safe door. Bam - it swung right open. Thank God my son isn't the type to go poking around in the master bedroom (yet). It upset me very much.

The last time this happened, I told Mr. Furious and he turned the situation into an attack on me. He became indignant that I was "judging" him for making a mistake. Basically, he did the typical abuser thing - he got mad at me for being upset by something he did.

Do I call him on this or just let it go? It won't do any good anyway, but I suppose I should do my due diligence. I had a talk with my son about what happened, and I think we had a good discussion about firearm safety. But, honestly, it isn't my son's responsibility to keep himself safe - it's his parents' responsibility.

I really thought that the first time this happened would be the last. I feel like I can't trust my husband to be careful, and I have no recourse. Criminey on a crutch, why couldn't I have married a nice, normal man who doesn't drink too much and thinks about his child's safety?!? AHHHHHHH!!!!!


#2 Pink Lady

Pink Lady


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Posted 01 July 2012 - 12:35 AM

library_lady, I often think the same thing...why couldn't I have married a nice, normal man who doesn't drink too much? Sigh.

My H is a hunter, so we have a gun safe and guns, and it isn't a bad idea to teach gun safety from day one, so, good job having that conversation with your son.


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Posted 01 July 2012 - 03:06 PM

Since you husband can't be trusted to protect the guns from little hands, remove the guns when your husband is not at home. Leave a note in the safe explaining to him why you did it, not neglecting to mention the incidents, the dates, the drinking (in the event he tries to use the note against you at some later court/police thing). And mention the talk you had with your son, but that it is a gun owner's responsibility, not a child's responsibility, to keep guns secure. Let it fly, keep a copy of the letter on your computer (mail a copy to a private email account).

If he cannot keep the guns secure, you need to do it. Call the authorities and find out if there is a gun safety course for adults and children. Take proactive action. Let your husband know this as well. Do every thing you can.

But remove the guns before your son, or one of his friends, or a visitor, or someone mistreats those guns.


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