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Article Research 

By Mary Peacock

April 15, 2001

Do you remember the early days of your relationship with your abuser? Were there personality traits or incidents that you thought strange or felt uncomfortable with? Things that, in retrospect, signaled the abusive turn your relationship would take?

I am researching an article on avoiding relationships where abuse may occur. Some of you may remember my posts on the Catbox and Yak as "Kujaku." Looking back, I realize that I missed, dismissed, and explained away behaviors and patterns that should have warned me to end the relationship before the investment of considerable time and energy. I am interested in learning of signs you wish you had heeded. What would you advise a friend to look out for so that she (or he) would not repeat your experiences? Dr. Irene has graciously permitted me to post here on her site.

If you would be willing to share your story, please e-mail me at Mfkpeacock@aol.com. No identifying information will be used without your consent, but I would appreciate your including your name and the best way for me to contact you (e-mail, regular mail, or telephone).

Thank you  for your help.

Mary Peacock

Thank you Mary; good work. I'm also tacking on a board you and others may interact on regarding this topic. Keep up posted!   

Gang, those of you choosing to post, please disguise your personal info! Doc


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